This is a story written by some students in 7ºC (last year class). We enjoyed the story and we would like to share it with other people.

The Mysterious House
Well...first of all I think I should introduce myself: I know that I look old, uncomfortable and a bit scary...almost a ruin. But, believe me, things haven’t always been like this. I used to be a very beautiful mansion and I belonged to a happy family. We had a wonderful life! Then things happened and that was the beginning of the nightmare...
It all happened on a day that seemed normal, like so many others. The family was sitting in the dining room and seemed more tired than usual: the youngest brother, Sean, who was arguing with his ​​older sister, Claire; the parents, Mary and John, who were complaining of politicians and the middle sister, Grace, who, as usual, was sitting as if in another world, lost in her thoughts. Each had their problems, but rather than trying to solve them, they argued ... The family seemed more unruly than ever ... Then Emma (the maid) knew she had to do something. The family could not go on like this or it would be the end...
The next morning, the whole family woke up very early. Mary went to work and the kids went to school. That day, John didn´t go to work, because he was sick. John spent the whole day in the office.
Around lunchtime, Emma decided to go and see if he needed anything. When she opened the door, she saw that John was not in the office. Emma was very scared, but where was John?
Emma didn’t know what to do, but she chose not to tell anyone what had happened.
When the kids came back home they asked where John was. Emma said he was at the office and he would be there all night to work.
When Mary came back home from work, she made dinner and she called John but nobody answered. Then she went to the office and she didn’t see John. She searched all he house and when she went to the office to search again she disappeared.
When dinner started, Emma called John and Mary but then she remembered John had disappeared and she started to become nervous and she passed out.
Suddenly, Sean woke up. It had only been a nightmare. Their mother was stressed, because it was the day they would move house and in the afternoon Sean and his sisters would go to the new school. Everything was prepared.  Father and Sean’s sisters were in the car waiting for him and his mother.
 The journey was long, and when they came to the new land Claire said:
 - “This is terrible! Here everything is black and white.”
 Nobody said anything and when they arrived at the new home they unpacked the furniture and had lunch.
 On the way to school, Sean saw a house exactly like the one which was in his nightmare. He thought this was very strange. Later, he and his sisters thought things were even stranger when they saw their new classmates. Their clothes were black and white, all of them had very pale faces, black hair and red eyes. It seemed that there had never existed happiness and joy. They continued their lives but they always questioned themselves why their classmates had that look. On the day that Sean told Claire about his nightmare, he said that the house he had seen was equal to the house of his nightmare, and then he challenged her to go with him and investigate that scary house. She hesitated but she said yes, with a lot of fear.
The next day they took their bikes and went to the scary house but when they opened the door a blue giant face appeared and something bad happened.
When they saw the giant, they ran away as fast as possible. They were scared, but they knew they couldn´t run or hide forever, they needed a plan. Sean had an idea.  Once he had seen a movie in which there was a giant and at the end of the story he died in the lake. The water was very cold and the giant froze!
So, they had to attract the giant to the lake.  They left candies along  the path, then they hid and waited.  One hour later they heard him.  He was hungry, so he followed the candies.
Suddenly he was inside the water and he began to freeze.  He had a quick death.
Since that day the kids had no more nightmares and that mysterious house became a normal one.

Story Written By: Alexandre Almeida; Ana Magalhães; Inês Santos; Joana Godinho; José Barata; Luis Martins and Pedro Rodrigues.