Past Simple of Verbs

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Last summer I travelled to England and I loved it. This is my travel diary. Enjoy it!

My Travel Diary:
Last summer I went to England with my family.
We were one week in London and two days in the surroundings.
We went by plane to London and went by bus to the hotel.
The first week we visited Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Houses of  Parliament,Madame Tussaud’s, Kensington Palace,  St. James Palace, the Royal Albert Hall,Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.
The remaining days we visited the monuments and went sightseeing.
I loved the journey because I like visiting other countries.
Written by Juliana Gonçalves
Adapted by Alexandre Almeida

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p u c a t b s e s e g
l r e w s u k d t o o
s h e w i n g b a c k
m i e d f i e l d e r
s f e a n r k i i d d
r o r s r e s w u i g
b r e n e k f n m s o
l w f p e i l e a f a
r a e r f r n l d f l
a r r h c t i p a o e
w d w h i s t l e b a

wing back



Six letters. One word. Writer. Such a small word carrying so much responsibility. But more than that, carrying passion. Do we really know the exact definition of writer? Because I do know that people see them as people who…well…write! And although that’s totally right, there’s so much more… It’s physically impossible to put on one page all the meanings behind this one word. But I’ll give it a try since the world needs to be enlightened. Writers are dreamers. Period. No more no less. With no doubt, writers are dreamers. They dream when they write and, dare I say, they are the only human beings capable and brave enough to share their dreams with the others. Underestimated. Writers are underestimated. But a little fish told them to just keep swimming. And that’s what they do, when the times are rough, when no one believes them, they just keep writing and dreaming. They write for the most obnoxious reasons, they write because they’re hungry, they write because they’re sad, they write because there’s no more nutella in the fridge, but they just keep writing like there’s no tomorrow for the pleasure of the readers and themselves. That’s called dedication.

All in all, for me, the definition of writer should be:

Writer – noun

-       The most wonderful, brave and creative creature, with an endless passion, courage and inspiration.

                                                                                                                                                                              -       The end.


Lara Rocha, 8º C

Father's Day Poem

Everything was black

Then I opened my eyes

you were there on my first step

and ever on my first cries.


Lara Rocha, 8º C

Tennis Interview

Our reporter, Joana, interviewed Juliana, a 14-year-old tennis player.


Joana -When did you start to play tennis?

Juliana - When I was 6 years old.

Joana- Who are your favourite players?

Juliana -Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and João Sousa are my

               favourite players.                                             

Joana - What is the equipment you need to play?

Juliana - I need a racquet, balls and a tracksuit.

Joana - Where do you practise?

Juliana - At “Casas de Azeitão”.

Joana - Who is your trainer?

Juliana - Miguel Bettencourt Neves

Joana - Do you recommend this game?

Juliana - Yes, I recommend this game because it is a game that  

               involves using our agility and our intelligence. Besides,

              it is very good to practise on sunny days.

             I love this game J





Wristbands. A small word. Ten letters. But they carry so many messages, so many meanings... Which is kind of amazing, how such a small and simple thing can make a difference.There's only one thing I don't get. Not about rubberbands, about people. There's a lot, really lots of people, suffering from different reasons. Let's say... Cancer. I the whole entire world, I bet there's a lot of peopkle with cancer. However,  we only remembered we could create a wristband to support those people, when a famous people got diagnosed. How gunny is that? Please note the sarcasm. But all in all, yes, I do love the whole "let's support-a-cause" thing, because if it wasn't for that support a lot of people woldn't be able to just keep going. Using John Green's words " The thing about a pain, is that it demands to be felt".




Benfica's new year

by : Zeca


This time I'm going to talk about the new Benfica, about my worries and hopes, like a football lover and Benfica's fanatic and loyal supporter.

First of all, I must say that I am very happy about the season that has passed. Benfica has shown everyone that its flame and its power hasn't disappeared, like some of Porto's fans say. The ghosts from last season haven't vanished at all, but they would, if Cardozo wasn't so stupid.

The best Portuguese club in 2013/2014

This year Benfica was, with no space for a doubt, the best Portuguese club. It won all competitions and went further in the Europe League than any Portuguese club in the last consecutive years. Benfica  also increased the value of several players, like Rodrigo and André Gomes. It also had the most audience in the games and, besides, it didn't lose any of its games at home. The fact that in all Benfica's games the audience was, at least, 50% of the maximum capacity of Stadium of Light is remarkable.

Fails and surprises last season

Last season, like any other, there were surprises and lost bets. First of all, there was a player that deeply surprised me( on the bad side), it was Djuricic. Honestly, I expected much more from him, although he didn't get much chances to play. I think that he, besides thinking that he could play without work, is too slow thinking...

 For me, the biggest surprise was Siqueira. In the beginning, I thought that he would be like Melgarejo but he's much better. He is also a "motorbike", because when we gets the ball, during the games,he passes through the whole defense.

Next year's hopes

Next season, I really hope that Jorge Jesus stays in Benfica and that he continues the last two weeks cycle, fighting to the end in every competition he participated. I hope that Djuricic plays more and better, because he has, undoubtedly, talent running in his veins. I expect that Benfica chooses to buy Siqueira, and that he signs a contract with Benfica.

I also have something to conclude: threat made, threat done.